Smokey Makeup  – Change your Face Dramatically and in this makeup Smoky eyes is a glamourous makeup, which has been one of the most fashionable makeups for a few seasons.

It creates a refined and mysterious image.

Smokey Makeup are meant to highlight the beauty of the eyes.

They are used to create depth to the eyes. If you use dark colors, your eyes may look smaller, while a lighter color will make them appear larger.

If possible, use an eye brush to brush the shadow up. To highlight the eyes, add a lighter shade of the same color as the eye make up to your brow bone.




  1. Ana says:

    I will tell you that make up can do wonders and if you think you need a great make over then go to a make up artist

  2. yasmin says:

    this is somer gay shit but i like it!

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